Sussex Police Secure Conviction in County Lines Crackdown

Sussex Police’s relentless efforts to dismantle County Lines operations have resulted in the incarceration of yet another drug dealer. Alvin Satou-Boumpoutou, aged 32, fell into the police’s radar during Operation Centurion’s investigation targeting illegal drug supply in Sussex.

The enforcement team executed a search warrant at Satou-Boumpoutou’s residence on St James’s Road, Croydon, on November 21. The search led to the uncovering of significant drug hauls, including 84 grams of cocaine and 597 grams of cannabis, alongside £14,395 in cash and a taser cunningly concealed as an iPhone.

Following the seizure of these items, Satou-Boumpoutou was apprehended and faced charges for his intent to distribute cocaine and cannabis, possession of a disguised firearm, and holding criminal property. His court appearance at Lewes Crown Court on March 8 culminated in a sentencing of three years and three months in prison, marking another victory for Sussex Police in their campaign against drug-related crime and County Lines activities.

PC Dave Oliver said: “Mobile phone analysis showed that Satou-Boumpoutou was stocking up on large quantities of illegal drugs in Croydon and travelling down to Eastbourne, where he was distributing them to the local community for profit.

“Not only is this a crime which we will not tolerate here in Sussex, it also has a knock-on effect which can include causing further harm to drug users, exploiting vulnerable people and inflicting violence upon those involved in the drugs ring.

“We will continue to work with our partners to combat County Lines drug-dealing and protect our communities.”

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