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VIDEO: Denton Road Closure Continues Amid Flooding Concerns

Despite improvements, the threat of re-flooding keeps Denton Road shut, impacting local life and businesses.

The residents of Denton are facing an ongoing battle with flooding, as Councillor Sean MacLeod announced on Thursday that despite visible improvements, Denton Road remains closed. The closure is a precautionary measure against potential re-flooding due to a dam near the newly constructed homes, where water continues to gush out.

“The road looks clear of flooding, but we’re not out of the woods yet,” stated Councillor MacLeod. “The dam built near the new builds is still a concern. Water is actively flowing from these areas, and we anticipate this will persist for several days. We cannot risk reopening the road until we’re certain the threat of flooding is completely mitigated.”

The local community is feeling the impact, with businesses like the Flying Fiash pub facing significant challenges. The pub’s kitchen has been rendered unusable due to the flood, forcing the postponement of their popular ‘Burger and a Pint Night’ to next Wednesday. Despite these setbacks, there’s a glimmer of hope as the pub aims to resume operations by tomorrow, contingent on the receding water levels.

The flooding has necessitated the use of sandbags to create diversions, channeling the water from the newer houses to nearby streams. This measure, while effective in reducing immediate water damage, contributes to the ongoing road closure, affecting daily commutes and local business operations.

Authorities are closely monitoring the situation, working diligently to address the flooding and prevent further damage. Residents are advised to stay informed about road closures and follow any guidance issued by local officials.

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