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Friday Review – Evil Twin brewery’s Imperial Biscotti Break

Evil Twin Brewing (Brooklyn New York), Imperial Biscotti Break.

Evil Twin’s offerings are no strangers to Sussex. They can be found at Craft Beer Company, Brighton and other specialist bars.

This beer from a can, bought from Havana House on Hove’s Western Road has been included as part of their new range of craft beer that includes local brews from Unbarred and even some Belgian Trappist contributions.

From the first moments of pouring, it becomes immediately clear that this stout is not for the faint of heart. Weighing in at a hefty 11.5% abv and so dark in colour it actually seems to be opaque this is an imperial that’s true to the style.

The mouthfeel is carbonated. It leaves a lingering tingle upon the gums; the nose offers the promised biscotti flavours with coffee and almond being the most prevalent aromas shining through.

Credit – Sussex News

The beer itself hits hard with robust flavours and dark malt, which then gives way to the sweeter, nuttier notes. The alcohol content is not shy; this is not a subtle beer.

Overall, this is a highly enjoyable imperial that will leave long-term fans of the style ecstatic. It’s the perfect beer to split with a friend. Sure, it’s a challenging beer and perhaps not recommended for a first adventure into the world of dark beer.

Priced at £8 per pint-sized can, this is certainly not the cheapest beer out there, but those who do make the purchase will find it rich and rewarding.

Written by Sussex.News Chief reviewer – @TheMintonEats

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