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REVIEW – The Bonfire Burger, Hot Spot Burger Grill, Newhaven

Hot Spot Burger Grill, Route 26 Diner, North Quay Road BN9 0AB Newhaven

On a wet and cold bonfire night whilst some of our team were out getting drenched in Lewes covering Lewis Bonfire, I was confined to the Sussex News desk in the warm and dry to keep the blog updated.

When it got to around 7:30 pm and I was rather peckish, fancying a burger but didn’t fancy the familiar Golden Arches and came across this place on social media with rave reviews…

On Hot Spot Burger Grills’s social media page I found to my delight, they were doing a Bonfire Special Burger. Now we are talking I thought… I tried to log on to their website but found it was down for maintenance but in the end, I was glad as it caused me to call them up and speak to Ben (who I now know as the owner) who was delightful to talk to he took my order and being difficult, I wanted a few things changed but nothing was too much trouble for Ben. I said I would come and collect (Delivery is available as is eat-in) he gave me the option of a time. I said Now, he said it will be 15 minutes to cook so I put my wellies on and went off into the pouring Newhaven rain.

On arrival found myself greeted by Ben who had just plucked my food fresh off the grill. After a chat and hearing his story on how he set up the business I was very impressed by this establishment even more.

Off home I went and unpacked the food which was piping hot in cardboard boxes.

I ordered the Bonfire Special burger (without lettuce as I can’t stand the stuff as I want to taste the burger, not rabbit food) with BBQ fries. WOW, this did not disappoint. A fresh homemade burger with smoked ketchup, burger sauce with sour cream, chives, mustard, diced, pickles, burger, cheese, and bacon. To top it off it was the black charcoaled Brioche-bun freshly made by Burt’s Bakery in Seaford, especially for Bonfire night celebrations.

The burger – I have to say is the best Burger I have had around the Haven area of Sussex in a very long time. Homemade, seasoned just right, so juicy and cooked to perfection. The smoky ketchup worked well with the charcoal bun and tasted as if it was fresh from a charcoal-fired BBQ.

Photo Sussex News

The fries were seasoned with a BBQ salt and plenty of them at that. I only just managed to get through them. Hot Spot does also offer loaded fires which I will definitely try next time.

To top it off Ben treated me to a slice of his Biscoff Cheesecake. If you like Biscoff and have an extremely sweet tooth, this is the cake for you.

Hot Spot is also open for breakfasts and been told the fired bread is spot on so will have to give that a try very soon, with some of the rest of the fantastic Sussex News team.

If you’re in the Newhaven area and fancy a burger I don’t think you will find one as tasty as this with the price point being spot on.  They offer online ordering and local delivery but check them out on Insta or Facebook before you order as it is always worth checking out the burger of the week.

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Written by guest reviewer – @Dmoonuk Sussex.News Joint Editor

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