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Four call outs for Selsey RNLI on Saturday

The Selsey RNLI lifeboats were tasked to four separate incidents on Saturday 13th August

1st launch

The ILB launched at 10.44am to a report of a paddleboard with two people in the water holding on to it off Aldwick.

The Inshore lifeboat (ILB) was stood down on route as the two persons in the water were free divers using the board as a SMB (Surface marker buoy)

The crew were:

Helmsman Sam Corcoran-Smith,

Craig Sergeant,

Jake Harnett

2nd launch.

The ILB launched at 12.30pm to conduct a search for an elderly woman missing from a nursing home in Bognor Regis.

An extensive search was completed by the ILB with nothing found before the UK Coastguard released the ILB to return to Station.

The crew were:

Helmsman James Albrey,

Will Moir,

Craig Sergeant.

The ILB was close to Bognor Pier when they were stood down and the crew had exhausted, their water supply in the extremely hot conditions, so Craig was put ashore to get some drinks on BNPL, but the Bognor Rock Shop donated 3 cans of drink and 3 Vanilla cones to the crew so thank you very much to them.

Photo Meryn Woodland

3rd launch

The ILB launched 4.28pm to a report of a paddleboarder possibly in trouble after being observed from the shore not moving for 20 mins.

The ILB was stood down on route after the paddleboarder started to make for the shore.

The crew were:

Helmsman Harry Emmence,

James Albrey,

Neil Hopcraft.

4th Launch

The ILB launched at 8.47pm to a report of a paddleboarder falling off the board and not seen to get back on in a position approximately one mile offshore from the beach by the Windmill Selsey.

Once on scene the ILB found a paddleboarder who said he had been in the water but had seen another boarder further out.

With this information and darkness looming the ILB requested the ALB be launched to assist with the search.

Once the ALB was on scene parachute flares were fired by the lifeboats to illuminate the area, but nothing was seen/ the ILB spoke to several people on the beach to the west of Selsey and all had seen different paddleboarders and confirmed they had all made it back to shore safely.

With this information the UK Coastguards stood the lifeboats down to return to station.

The crews tonight were


Helmsman Sam Corcoran-Smith,

Dan Langford,

Tim Scott.


Coxswain Rob Archibald,

Colin Pullenger,

Mechanic Andy Lee,

Will Moir,

Craig Sergeant,

Neil Hopcraft.

Photo Wild and Woody Photography

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