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ESFRS has revealed that over a third of electric blankets failed Checks

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has revealed that over a third of electric blankets failed checks at a series of recent events.

Out of the 547 electric blankets tested, a huge 188 blankets failed and are no longer being used.

Funding from Public Health allowed the Service to offer replacements to a number of those who attended the sessions.

More than blankets

Those who attended were also able to take advantage of additional wellbeing advice and support for keeping warm this winter with the help of fuel poverty experts from our local councils. 

Representatives from Trading Standards were on hand to provide the public in East Sussex with useful information on current scams that are operating in the area. 

And in Brighton and Hove members from Together Co were also able to talk to residents about the social prescribing service. 

Safety tips

Here are some simple tips.

Check your electric blanket regularly and do not use it if:

• There are any scorch marks or discoloured areas on the fabric of the blanket

• Wires are visible or poking through the fabric

• The fabric is frayed or worn

• There is damage to the power cable

• The control makes a buzzing sound when switched on or gives off a scorching smell

• The blanket’s connector – where the electrical cable plugs into the blanket – is damaged or over-heating

• Your blanket is over 10 years old as they need replacing every 10 years.

Home safety visits

If you or someone you know would like some extra support in making their home safer from fire, please get in touch with your local fire service.

Or you can opt for an online check you can do yourself.  

This easy-to-follow home fire safety check has been developed through a partnership between the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC), Fire Kills and Safelincs. It will take you through your home one room at a time and the simple questions will help you spot fire risks as you go around your home.

The tool will offer tips and advice on the steps you can take to reduce those risks. At the end, you will receive a personalised fire safety action plan to help keep you and your household safe from fire.

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