Bexhill Charity Pitstop Youth Workshop Targeted in Raid

Pitstop Youth Workshop Ram Raided
Photo - Pitstop Youth Workshop FB

In the early hours of May 11th, the Pitstop Youth Workshop in Bexhill, a newly established facility by the Pit-Stop Youth Trust, was targeted in a devastating ram raid. At around 1am, the workshop was broken into using a stolen electric vehicle. According to the charity, a van is also believed to have been involved in the raid.

The incident resulted in the loss of a significant amount of equipment and tools, including two motorcycles and other powered items. The combined damage and theft are expected to cost the charity in excess of £25,000, a substantial amount that their insurance will not fully cover.

A spokesperson for Pit-Stop Youth Trust expressed the impact of the raid, saying, “It’s so heartbreaking, as the sole aim of our charity is to help and support young people, which we have been doing for the past 14 years. At the moment, we can’t offer this free service, all due to a few reckless individuals. This is very much a live ongoing police investigation, so we can’t comment further, but at the moment the whole future of our dearly loved youth workshop is in jeopardy. If anyone has any information that might help this investigation, please contact Rother Police.”

In a positive turn of events, Sussex Police, thanks to information received from a member of the public, were able to recover one of the stolen motorcycles from the Pitstop Youth Workshop. The charity has expressed their gratitude for the public’s assistance and remains hopeful for further recovery of their stolen items.

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