Coastguard Team Investigates Broken Vessel in Selsey

Photo - Selsey Coastguard

The Selsey Coastguard Team was dispatched to East Beach, Selsey on Thursday Morning at 8:11 am, following a report of a vessel that had experienced steering problems the previous day and had subsequently washed ashore.

Overnight, the tides caused significant damage to the vessel, resulting in it breaking apart. The team’s assignment included assessing potential pollution and conveying details to the Operations Centre. The Centre then notified the vessel’s owners about the situation. After relaying all necessary information, the team was released to return to their station.

Arrangements for the vessel’s removal from the beach are now underway by the owners. The public is advised to stay clear of the vessel and to keep dogs on a leash to avoid risks posed by broken glass and debris from the wreckage. In case of any maritime or coastal emergency, dial 999 and request the Coastguard.

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