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Controlled Explosions at Medmerry Beach Selsey

Detailed operation by coastguard and EOD at Medmerry Beach concludes with controlled explosions

In a critical operation on Medmerry Beach, the Selsey Coastguard team, alongside the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team, successfully neutralized a significant number of historical ordnances, ensuring public safety along the coastal area.

On the evening of April 10, 2024, the coastguard was alerted to the presence of potential ordnance on Medmerry Beach, marking their third call of the day. The team swiftly located the item, uncovering additional ordnances during their thorough search of the vicinity. Immediate actions were taken to secure the area, including photographing the ordnances and establishing a cordon, while awaiting the arrival of the EOD specialists.

Controlled Explosions at Medmerry Beach: Selsey
Photo – Selsey Coastguard

The EOD team’s expertise was pivotal upon their arrival, as they assessed and safely removed some ordnances for disposal. However, the magnitude of the discovery was substantial, with 52 items requiring further attention. Due to the encroaching darkness, a strategic decision was made to postpone the remainder of the disposal operation until daylight.

In the early hours of April 11, the coastguard and EOD teams reconvened at Medmerry Beach. Their coordinated effort culminated in two controlled explosions, effectively neutralizing the threat posed by the 52 pieces of ordnance. By 8:30 a.m., the operation was successfully concluded, and the teams were stood down.

If you come across ordnance or something you’re not sure about on the beach, please don’t touch it and call the Coastguard straight away on 999.

Ordnance comes in all different shapes and sizes and ordnance found on this beach in the past has been found to still be highly explosive!

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