Thursday, May 23, 2024
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DPD delivery van causes a blaze of anger at West Sussex fire station

In a shocking incident, the Partridge Green Fire Station in West Sussex was left stunned when a DPD delivery van parked across the entrance of the fire station, leaving the fire engine trapped inside the station.

The incident came to light when the fire station’s Twitter account posted a photo of the delivery van blocking the station’s entrance and expressed their disbelief in the post. “Totally unbelievable, used it as a parking space,” read the tweet.

Photo – Partridge Green FRS

According to sources, the delivery van had parked in front of the station’s entrance, causing great inconvenience to the fire station staff. The station’s fire engine was unable to leave the station in case of an emergency, which could have had severe consequences.

This incident serves as a reminder of the crucial role played by emergency services in our communities and the importance of ensuring that they have easy and unrestricted access to their premises at all times.

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