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Man’s nightmare at sea: Stranded for six hours, rescued by Shoreham Lifeboat

A local man’s life was saved by the crew of the Shoreham RNLI on Tuesday (13th June 2023) evening. The individual, who had been out on the water in an inflatable kayak off Hove, found himself in a perilous situation after being carried away by the strong offshore wind.

Prompted by concerns raised by his friends, who grew increasingly worried about his safety, the coastguard was contacted, and the all-weather lifeboat was swiftly launched. After an arduous search effort, the crew managed to locate the stranded man approximately three miles south of Shoreham. Cold, wet, and thoroughly exhausted, he was relieved to see the big orange boat approaching him.

“I’ve never been so pleased to see a big orange boat coming towards me,” the grateful survivor recounted, his voice filled with emotion. “It looked like a picture-perfect afternoon for going out on the water. I can’t believe how the conditions changed. It was so windy, and the waves were much bigger than I imagined. I am so grateful to the lifeboat crew for saving me.”

The RNLI crew wasted no time in rescuing the distressed individual, carefully bringing him and his kayak on board the lifeboat. Once safely aboard, they promptly returned to the Shoreham lifeboat station, where the survivor was provided with warmth and comfort. The emotional reunion with his concerned friends served as a reminder of the importance of staying safe on the water.

This incident underscores the unpredictable nature of weather and sea conditions and serves as a vital reminder to always exercise caution. Even when conditions appear favorable, they can swiftly change, putting individuals at risk. The Shoreham RNLI urges everyone to be prepared and exercise prudence when venturing out onto the water. If in doubt, it is strongly advised not to go out. Instead, if you spot someone in trouble on the water, do not hesitate to dial 999 and request assistance from the coastguard.

Let us all learn from this remarkable rescue and respect the water, ensuring that safety remains our top priority.

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