Paws for Applause: Dog Rescued by Littlehampton Coastguard and RNLI

Coastguard and RNLI execute a swift rescue of a dog over the sea wall into River Arun

A dog had to be rescued after falling over a sea wall.
Photo - Littlehampton Coastguard

In a heartwarming operation on the 15th of March, Littlehampton Coastguard and the RNLI displayed exemplary teamwork to save a dog in distress in the River Arun. The incident, which occurred at 10 pm, marked the coastguard’s third task of the day, underscoring their unwavering commitment to saving lives, be they human or animal.

The drama unfolded when a dog, during a walk along the river, tragically went over the sea wall and plummeted into the low-tide waters of the River Arun. The concerned owner immediately dialed 999, alerting the Coastguard to the perilous situation.

Responding with alacrity, the RNLI D-Class lifeboat crew from Littlehampton Lifeboat Station was deployed. Demonstrating skill and speed, they managed to swiftly rescue the frightened animal from the chilly waters, ensuring no life – no matter how small – is left in jeopardy.

Upon the successful rescue, the dog was transported back to the boathouse, where Coastguard personnel awaited. There, they comforted the canine while anticipating the arrival of its relieved owner, who had journeyed from the beach to reunite with their beloved pet.

The Littlehampton Coastguard took this opportunity to remind the public of the vital protocol in such emergencies: never risk your own life attempting a water rescue. Instead, calling 999 for the Coastguard ensures the deployment of specialized teams equipped to handle such situations safely and effectively. They also emphasized the importance of keeping pets on a leash near hazardous areas like rivers and cliffs to prevent such incidents.

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