Selsey RNLI and Coastguard Locates and Lost Dinghy

On the evening of March 30, 2024, Selsey RNLI’s inshore lifeboat went into action to retrieve a partially submerged dinghy. Following reports received by UK Coastguards regarding a white dinghy washing up on Hillfield car park beach’s west side in Selsey, the D class inshore lifeboat(ILB) was swiftly launched at 9:27 pm.

Prior to the ILB’s launch, the Selsey Coastguard Rescue Team and the Lifeboat Operations Manager (LOM) were alerted and rendezvoused at the location. Upon arrival, the vessel was spotted approximately four meters offshore. After consultation between the LOM and the Coastguard Rescue Team, the ILB crew was promptly paged.

By 9:35 pm, the ILB had arrived on the scene and commenced a thorough sweep of the area, as the dinghy had vanished from sight and was now being pushed against a nearby sea defense groyne. Shortly thereafter, friends of the dinghy’s owner, a local fisherman, assured authorities that they intended to recover it later.

Upon relaying this information to UK Coastguards, all units were stood down. The ILB safely returned to the station at 9:56 pm and was promptly recovered.

The crew of the ILB included Helmsman Harry Emmence, along with Will Moir and Neil Martin.

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