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Technical Glitches Force Two Planes to Emergency Land at Gatwick

Mechanical issues on board EasyJet and Ryanair flights lead to emergency diversions to Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport experienced a night of heightened activity on Monday 26th February as a commercial flight was diverted there and another plane landed under emergency conditions.

The first incident involved EasyJet flight EZY41TX, which was en route from Funchal to London Gatwick. The aircraft issued a distress signal, squawking 7700, indicating a general emergency, as it entered UK airspace. It managed a safe landing at Gatwick at 23:30. Unconfirmed reports of smell of burning in the cockpit and plane was met by Gatwick ground services.

In a separate but equally urgent scenario, Ryanair flight FR3945, flying from Faro to Bournemouth, was also compelled to divert to Gatwick, touching down at 22:41. The diversion was necessitated by what we understand as an issue with the aircraft’s flap settings, which are crucial for controlling speed and angle during landing. The decision to reroute to Gatwick, equipped with a longer runway, was made to ensure the safety of all onboard, providing a wider margin for a secure landing under compromised conditions.

Both incidents prompted immediate action from airport emergency services, ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers and crew involved.

Ryanair told Sussex News “This flight from Faro to Bournemouth (26 Feb) diverted to Gatwick due to a minor technical issue with the aircraft. The aircraft landed normally at Gatwick and was inspected by engineers who cleared the aircraft to return to service later that same day.”

Representatives from Gatwick and EasyJet have been approached for comment but as of the time of publishing, we have not had a response.

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