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Three Maritime Incidents Handled by Shoreham NCI in One Day

The Shoreham National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) was involved in a series of incidents on Sunday, showcasing the critical role of vigilant watchkeepers and local maritime assistance in ensuring safety along the coast.

Incident 1: Capsized Kayak

Early in the day, a capsized kayak was spotted outside the harbour. The kayaker, who had been fishing, was quickly reported to HM Coastguard. Fortunately, Shoreham Sailing Club was racing nearby, and one of their safety boats promptly assisted the kayaker. Continuous updates were provided to the Coastguard until the kayaker safely made it ashore.

Incident 2: Struggling Wing Surfer

Following a watch changeover, watchkeepers noticed a wing surfer struggling to make headway. Immediate notifications were made to Shoreham Port and HM Coastguard. Concurrently, a local fishing vessel was nearing the harbour. The Coastguard, acting on NCI’s guidance, requested the vessel’s assistance. The fishing vessel successfully located the exhausted wing surfer and towed them closer to the beach, enabling the surfer to swim ashore safely.

Incident 3: Kite Surfer and Kayaker in Distress

As the wing surfer rescue was concluding, the NCI received a report from a member of the public about an unmanned inflatable being blown out to sea. Simultaneously, a call from the Coastguard reported a kite surfer and kayaker in distress off Lancing. The NCI swiftly pinpointed their location and relayed it to the Coastguard. Shoreham RNLI ILB was launched and successfully assisted both individuals, bringing them ashore into the care of HM Coastguard Shoreham.

Public Advisory

These incidents highlight the importance of immediate reporting and coordinated efforts in maritime safety. The Shoreham NCI urges the public to remain vigilant and report any coastal emergencies by dialing 999 and asking for the coastguard.

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