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UPDATE: Witness describes man jumping ‘face first though back window’ of bus

Yesterday evening, emergency services rushed to the scene of an incident involving a number 12 bus on Marine Parade near the Sea Life Centre bus stop, Brighton. The incident occurred around 18:30.

Sussex News spoke to a witness to the incident, who describing the scene as: “It was fucking horrific. Never seen anything like it. [Its] The most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen in person and people were crying who witnessed it.”

The witness described first been aware that something was amiss when as the bus approached his stop they could hear the buses panic alarm blaring. When the bus stopped they described a scene of chaos with, “We could see people sat at the very front, pressed up against the window, just trying to get away.”

At first the witness believed there was a altercation occurring onboard, however, “This is when we saw a bloke, run and jump, face first though the back window. We saw a man then try and crawl through the window with all of the shards of glass still around it. The guy behind him was trying to pull him back in, and the guy just keeps on trying to get out of the window, even trying to punch the guy holding onto one of his ankles.”

“This is when the guy fell, it didn’t even make a big thud, because the the guy holding onto his leg trying to save him from falling out so it wasn’t as bigger drop.”

“Then the man got up, drenched in blood, all you could see was his eyes because the rest of his face was completely covered in blood, he was bleeding from everywhere.”

The witness then goes onto describe how the injured man begin to walk into traffic. “He then tries to get into a few cars, he was pulling on doors trying to get in, it was like he had gone full GTA mode.”

“You just have to feel bad for the guy, it took police like ten or fifteen minutes to turn up. I just hope the guy gets the help he needs.”

Another witness described seeing ten or so officers along with paramedics detaining the injured man inside of Harry Ramsdens fish and chip shop, before been loading into an ambulance on a stretcher.

In a statement a Sussex Police spokesperson said: “A 42-year-old man was injured in the incident. Officers attended and arrested the man on suspicion of criminal damage. He was then taken to hospital, where he remains.”

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