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VIDEO: International Manhunt Ends in Conviction for 1980s Child Sex Offender

Following a 13-year international investigation, a man who committed sexual offenses against a young boy in the 1980s has been locked up. Glenn Langrish, also known under the alias Glenn Stephens, received a 15-year prison sentence and an additional three years on licence from Hove Crown Court on February 2, for multiple offenses involving child sexual abuse.

During the 1980s, Langrish was employed at ReeEven Hire, a lawnmower repair business in Crawley. He initiated contact with 10-year-old Stephen Lewsey in 1983 through shortwave radio, leading to their meeting and Stephen’s subsequent employment at the shop on weekends.

Langrish sexually abused Stephen regularly during this period, both at the shop and while driving him home. The abuse ceased in 1989 when Langrish was imprisoned for other child sex crimes. Upon his release in 1994, he relocated to Sweden, adopting the new identity of Glenn Stephens.

Stephen Lewsey, now 51, brought the abuse to the attention of Sussex Police in 2011, sparking an international effort to locate Langrish. Interpol found him living in Vendelso, Sweden, in 2016, where he had obtained citizenship, thus shielding him from extradition to the UK.

An international arrest warrant was issued, ensuring his detainment should he leave Sweden. In May 2023, the National Crime Agency informed Sussex Police of Langrish’s presence in Poland, leading to his extradition back to the UK by the Metropolitan Police’s extradition team in July 2023.

Langrish faced charges including four counts of indecency with a child and four counts of indecent assault on a child, leading to a conviction on all charges at Chichester Crown Court. He was sentenced at Hove Crown Court, with a stipulation that he serve at least nine years and eight months before parole eligibility.

In a victim impact statement read out in court, Steve said: “Until I confided in my wife, I treated this as my ‘dirty little secret’ something that I lived with for the last 40 years, but you have now been found guilty of the crimes that you know you committed. 

“I would never have asked my ex-wife and my dear old mum (who just lost her husband just before Christmas) to endure the trial If I did not know what you had done to me all those years ago was so wrong, that you needed to face justice.

“It has taken a long time to face you in court but now we have had our day and the jury have seen through your lies, I can now start to rebuild my life. Since I initially reported your behaviour to the police, I have experienced many, many emotions including some really dark thoughts, but throughout the entire time I have had the support of my amazing wife who has had to endure her husband go through this emotional, most imaginable turmoil.

“My family has suffered and have blamed themselves for your actions but there is only one person who should accept their responsibility and that is you – Glenn Langrish / Stephens or whatever you have changed your name to now to avoid any further people coming forward.”

Detective Sergeant Becki Buckley said: “Glenn Langrish thought he could hide in Sweden and not have to face justice for his appalling crimes.

“He hugely underestimated the determination of Sussex Police, our partner forces and national agencies and, just as importantly, the resolve of his brave victim.

“I cannot commend Steve Lewsy enough for his courage in coming forward, supporting this investigation for such a long time and choosing to waive his anonymity to help other victims.

“This investigation should send a clear message to victims of sexual offences that we will stop at nothing to get you the justice you deserve.

“If you are a victim of sexual offences, no matter how long ago, please report it to us. You will be heard, you will be believed and we will do everything we can to help you. Report online, via 101 or dial 999 in an emergency.”

Note: Victims of sex offences are automatically given anonymity for life, even if the allegation is withdrawn. In this instance, Stephen Lewsey has chosen to waive that right to anonymity.

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