Serial Shoplifter Strikes Chichester: Young Man Pleads Guilty

In a spree of thefts, 18-year-old Pele Cullum has confessed to multiple shoplifting offenses in Chichester, starting with a substantial alcohol theft from Tesco on Fishbourne Road East at approximately 11.20 am on March 2.

Cullum’s criminal activities escalated quickly, with a subsequent theft of jackets worth around £1,500 from Cotswold on East Street at 1 pm. He didn’t stop there; returning to Tesco at 3.30 pm, Cullum targeted the alcohol section again, pilfering additional items.

The spree culminated at the Co-op on East Street at 4.40 pm, where Cullum’s actions caused significant damage, including overturning a wine tower and displacing crates of beer.

Residing on Bayford Road, Littlehampton, Cullum faced Crawley Magistrates’ Court on March 6, where he pleaded guilty to three counts of shoplifting and one of criminal damage. He is now awaiting sentencing, set for April 19 at Portsmouth Crown Court, where he remains in custody.

Detective Sergeant Colin O’Hare said: “Sussex Police take a firm stance on business crime, and we will put offenders before the courts when the evidence allows.

“Cullum’s behaviour was wholly unacceptable and those who go to work should not have to deal with this kind of behaviour during their everyday work.”

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