Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Endangered Herring Gull Halts Trains at Brighton Station

Endangered bird's presence on railway tracks prompts quick action by station staff

Brighton Station experienced unexpected delays this evening as an endangered Herring Gull found its way onto the tracks, prompting immediate action to ensure the bird’s safety. The unusual occurrence led to a temporary suspension of some platforms and services in and out of the station.

Authorities were quick to respond, shutting down power at 7pm to platforms 4, 5, and 6, where the bird was spotted. This necessary measure, while crucial for the bird’s rescue, resulted in several trains being forced to terminate their journeys prematurely on the main line, as the affected platforms could not be used.

Specialist responders were called to the scene to safely remove the endangered gull, ensuring no harm came to the bird or to the railway’s operations. The operation was delicate, reflecting the balance between human convenience and wildlife conservation.

After a brief period of disruption, the good news arrived: the Herring Gull was successfully relocated away from the tracks, allowing for the restoration of power and the resumption of normal train services.

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