Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Police Warn of Phone Thefts Linked to NOS Balloon Scams

Brighton and Hove police have issued a warning about a recent spate of mobile phone and personal item thefts occurring during night outings. The method of operation involves a group of 2-3 men targeting individuals by offering to sell them Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as NOS balloons. After the transaction, they request to input their contact information into the victim’s phone, only to flee with the unlocked device, gaining access to sensitive information including banking details.

Authorities highlight the risks associated with Nitrous Oxide use, reminding the public that it is now classified as a Class C drug and possession is a criminal offense. The police are urging residents to remain alert and to adopt smart safety practices to avoid falling victim to such crimes.

SECURITY – Ensure your security features (PIN, tracking etc) are enabled on your phone

MINDFUL – Keep your phone on you at all times – use a security strap, keep it in a zipped pocket and keep it out of sight in busy places

AWARE – Be aware of your surroundings and only use your phone when safe to do so

REFUSE – Don’t hand your phone over to strangers under any circumstances

TRUST – Trust your instincts, if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Call 999 if you feel in danger, or if you see our officers please talk to them!

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