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Video: Urban Explorer Reveals Hidden History Under King Alfred Leisure Centre

Urban explorer Chloe Urbex ( has added another remarkable chapter to her journey of uncovering abandoned treasures. Her latest exploration takes us beneath the bustling King Alfred Leisure Centre in Hove, where she uncovers a hidden gem: an abandoned 90’s bowling alley, along with a bowls centre and a laser zone.

Chloe’s quest to explore this particular site dates back to her early exploration days in 2016. Despite several attempts, gaining access to this forgotten space remained elusive until recently. Her persistence paid off when she finally ventured into this underground relic early one morning, before the leisure centre overhead commenced its daily bustle.

What Chloe discovered is a captivating snapshot of the past. The underground area, initially a car park, was transformed into a ten-pin bowling alley during the energetic 1960s. This alley, a once-popular local entertainment spot, closed its doors in the 1990s due to financial difficulties, with its final strike thrown in July 1999. The space later housed a Megazone laser game centre, which also saw its end in 2004 following a legal dispute. Though this area is mainly stripped, its historical essence remains tangible.

Another significant part of this subterranean world is the Bowls Club, established in 1946. This club, too, succumbed to the passage of time, closing in 2014. The juxtaposition of these abandoned spaces beneath a still-active leisure centre paints a poignant picture of changing times and recreational trends.

The exploration of the bowling alley was particularly striking for Chloe. The idea that such a vibrant and bustling venue from the 90s now sits silently beneath a functional leisure centre is a fascinating reflection on the transient nature of communal spaces.

Chloe Urbex’s exploration into the King Alfred in Hove is more than just urban exploration; it’s a journey into the memories and histories hidden beneath our everyday lives. Her work continues to captivate and inspire a growing audience of urban exploration enthusiasts and history buffs.

To follow Chloe Urbex’s adventurous explorations and to keep up with her latest discoveries, be sure to check out her social media profiles: Facebook, Instagram @chloeurbex, and TikTok

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