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VIDEO: London to Brighton Classic Car Run 2024

London to Brighton Classic Car Run 2024: A Journey Through Nostalgia

The Birthplace of British Motorsport

On a crisp June morning, the historic grounds of Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, UK, hummed with excitement. The 2024 Classic Car Run was about to begin, marking its 35th anniversary. As the sun peeked over the horizon, an incredible range of classic, modern classic, and vintage cars stood ready for their pilgrimage to the coast.

The Route and Participants
The Classic Car Run is not just a race; it’s a nostalgic journey. Participants, their hearts racing in sync with the engines, were waved off with the Union Flag. Armed with easy-to-follow tulip-style route books, they embarked on a picturesque drive from Brooklands Museum to the iconic city of Brighton.

The route wound through rolling hills, past charming villages, and alongside scenic vistas. Each turn revealed a new chapter in the story of motoring heritage. From ruby-red Ferraris to midnight-blue Jaguars, the convoy showcased the best of automotive craftsmanship.
The Finish Line: Brighton’s Madeira Drive

As the convoy approached Brighton, anticipation grew. The finish line awaited on Madeira Drive, a historic promenade hugging the English Channel. Here, the Veteran Car Run traditionally concludes, and the echoes of bygone eras reverberate.
Drivers parked their prized possessions—each car a testament to passion, engineering, and timeless design. The 1926 Morris Oxford Bullnose, affectionately named ‘Billie’, stood shoulder to shoulder with other classics. The air smelled of petrol, leather, and nostalgia.

A Day of Celebration

In Brighton, participants were welcomed by a lively commentator. They strolled along the pebble beach, the waves whispering tales of maritime adventures. VIP reserved parking awaited all entrants, ensuring their cherished vehicles took center stage.
As the sun dipped below the horizon, an awards ceremony unfolded. Best period-dressed participants received accolades, and a few special awards added to the magic. But the real prize was the experience itself—the camaraderie, the shared love for classic cars, and the memories etched into every curve.

Eligibility and Timelessness

The Classic Car Run embraces all production vehicles over 40 years old. This includes cars registered before May 31, 1984, aligning with the DVLA’s Historic Car Classification. From pre-war beauties to mid-century icons, the convoy transcends time.
And so, as the engines cooled and the stars blinked into existence, the 2024 Classic Car Run became more than a rally—it became a symphony of wheels, a dance of memories, and a celebration of timeless beauty.

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