VIDEO: Poo-l Passage: Residents in a Stink Over Serial Defecator!

Brighton’s idyllic streets have become a battleground for a brazen bathroom bandit, leaving residents outraged and disgusted! In a desperate bid to flush out the culprit, an urgent appeal has been launched to catch the serial dumper who’s been turning the tranquil alleyway, Pool Passage, into their own personal latrine.

Video: @ImJustBrighton / Sussex News

Caught brown-handed on CCTV numerous times, this fecal fiend has shown zero remorse for their vile actions. But thanks to the watchful eye of surveillance technology, their dirty deeds haven’t gone unnoticed!

With the stench of scandal hanging heavy in the air, the community has banded together to rid their beloved neighborhood of this foul menace. Sussex News spoke exclusively to a local shop owner who revealed the true extent of the horror. “It’s an absolute nightmare,” they exclaimed. “Every night, under the cloak of darkness, our alleyways are desecrated. It’s been a never-ending nightmare for years!”

To add insult to injury, the alleyway’s ironic name ā€“ Pool Passage ā€“ has become a cruel punchline among disgusted residents, now dubbing it “Poo Passage” as the excremental onslaught continues unchecked.

Sussex Police have been alerted to this rank recklessness, and is you have any information on Brighton’s most wanted waste-wielder please report to them on 101.

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