Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Birling Gap Coastguard locates and secures five WWII shells

In a recent operation, the Birling Gap Coastguard team successfully located and secured five suspected World War II shells along the coastline. Following protocol, they promptly contacted the Army’s bomb disposal unit for assessment and removal of the potentially dangerous items.

The discovery was made early on Sunday morning. Realising the significance of the find, they returned in the evening at low tide to safely guide the bomb disposal experts to the location.

The coastguard has since issued a stern reminder to the public to exercise caution if they come across objects resembling ordnance. “Never touch or move items that look like they could be ordnance,” stressed the Coastguard spokesperson. “Trust your instinct, if it doesn’t look like a rock, don’t touch it.”

To aid in identifying the location accurately, the Coastguard advises individuals to take a photograph of the item and provide the what3words coordinates of their position. Including a picture of the surrounding area, particularly the cliffs, also helps the Coastguard narrow down their search for potential hazardous items.

In case of encountering suspected ordnance, the public is urged to maintain a safe distance, call emergency services at 999, and specifically request the Coastguard’s assistance.

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