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Spectacular Drone Footage Captures Newhaven Swing Bridge in Action

Newhaven’s historic swing bridge, a pivotal structure in the town’s landscape and history, has been captured in a stunning new light, thanks to modern drone technology. A recent video taken by showcases the bridge opening for a boat, providing a unique aerial view of this engineering marvel in action.

Video credit – Guy Denney – Co-pilot Lewis Johns 

The Newhaven Swing Bridge has a storied history, dating back to 1784 when the first wooden cantilever drawbridge was constructed to span the River Ouse. This bridge, an emblem of Newhaven’s resilience and ingenuity, is even featured on the Newhaven Town Council crest. It stood until 1866 when it was replaced by an iron swing bridge, which required manual operation by a team turning a large wheel to allow maritime traffic to pass.

Newhaven Swing Bridge - Old

This manually operated bridge remained in use until 1974 when the current electrically operated swing bridge was introduced, bringing a new era of efficiency and reliability to Newhaven’s river crossing. The bridge’s operation has become a familiar and cherished event for the town’s residents, symbolizing the enduring connection between Newhaven’s past and present.

The drone footage offers viewers a rare perspective, capturing the bridge’s elegant motion as it pivots to allow a boat to pass through. From above, the mechanical ballet of the bridge’s operation is juxtaposed against the serene flow of the River Ouse, providing a captivating visual narrative of Newhaven’s maritime heritage.

This aerial view not only highlights the bridge’s functional beauty but also emphasizes its role as a vital artery in the town’s daily life, facilitating the to-and-fro of boats that is so characteristic of Newhaven

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