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Fish dying in drying up pond at Queens Park Brighton and council say nothing can be done

Local residents have taken to social media to ask the authorities to top up the water in the pond in Queens park Brighton.

Media sent to us show water levels very low and dead fish on the dry banks of the pond.

One local resident contacted the ESFRS to ask if they could top up the pond but they advised they needed permission from the Council and Southern Water.

Credit @thekinaton

Brighton and Hove Council have been contacted by one resident and they said

“The fish, mostly crucian carp, are illegally dumped by the public. We do not have flowing water so no way to keep it oxygenated other than the plants. These are not enough to sustain them.

The pond runs sustainably from drains on East Drive and South Avenue. It goes through filters on the way in. These were installed in 2005 to make it more sustainable. Due to the dry summer weather, there has been a lack of rainfall causing the levels to lower. 

We are unable to top up the pond with tap water as this would likely cause the fish to die and it will cause a massive algae bloom of blanket weed due to its composition.

Brutal as it may sound, wild ponds naturally dry up from time to time. It is natural and has some ecological benefits, such as killing off over dominant species.”

Our Ranger will be putting some signage up asking people not to dump unwanted pets in our pond.”

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