Mysterious Death in Sussex: Man Found Shot in Crashed Car

Authorities investigate after a young man was found dead with a gunshot wound in a ditch off the A286.

Man found dead with gunshot wound at scene of A286 car crash in Sussex
Photo - Jan Harvey

A man has been found dead under mysterious and tragic circumstances after his car crashed into a ditch near the affluent village of Midhurst in Sussex, sparking a major police investigation. The incident, which took place early Monday morning on April 6, took an even more shocking turn when it was discovered that the victim had suffered a gunshot wound.

Emergency services were alerted around 6 a.m. to a report of a vehicle that had veered off the A286 and into a ditch. Upon arrival, they found the car with the deceased man inside, who was in his 20s and the sole occupant. The severity of the incident prompted Sussex Police to close the A286 to conduct a detailed investigation at the scene.

The road was closed for several hours, causing significant disruptions, but has since reopened, restoring normal traffic flow. The police have handed the case over to the coroner for further examination to uncover the sequence of events that led to the man’s death.

In the wake of this unsettling incident, Sussex Police are urging anyone with information, especially potential sightings or relevant dashcam footage from around the time of the crash, to come forward.

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