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Vigilant Eyes: Shoreham NCI Spots Distressed Children in Kayak

Earlier this afternoon, two children found themselves in distress while kayaking off the shores of Hove. However, thanks to the swift response of Shoreham NCI (National Coastwatch), the coastguard, and the Shoreham Inshore Lifeboat (ILB), a potentially disastrous situation was averted, and the children were safely reunited with their relieved parents.

The alarm was raised when the vigilant members of Shoreham NCI spotted the struggling children in their kayak. With strong offshore winds relentlessly pushing them further out to sea, the situation became critical. Recognising the urgency, the NCI team immediately contacted the coastguard, who swiftly made the decision to request the launch of the Shoreham ILB.

The call to action came at 3:18pm, and the dedicated crew of the lifeboat wasted no time, the ILB arrived at the scene around 5 minutes after launch.

The lifeboat crew located the struggling kayak and they swiftly and safely brought the youngsters back to the shore, where the waiting Shoreham Coastguard and parents anxiously awaited their return.

The Shoreham Coastguard immediately provided the necessary care and support, ensuring the well-being of the rescued children.

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