VIDEO: Brighton Delivery Drivers Serve Up a Strike for Better Pay, Leaving Diners Hungry for Justice

Photo - Sussex News

In a significant show of unity and demand for fair compensation, dozens of delivery drivers in Brighton have initiated a protest against major food delivery services including Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber Eats. The drivers are calling for an increase in both the base pay and the per-mile rate to reflect the true value of their services.

Approximately 80 drivers have taken to the streets since 5pm on Friday, choosing to go online on their respective delivery apps, yet declining to accept any orders. This strategic move is expected to cause considerable delays and disruptions to food deliveries across restaurants, takeaways, and shops throughout Brighton.

The protest has seen the drivers making their grievances known in a highly visible manner. They have been spotted protesting outside several eateries, including those at Brighton Marina and numerous high-profile fast-food outlets, before gathering on Media Drive to further amplify their message.

This action has put a spotlight on the ongoing issues faced by delivery drivers, who often work under challenging conditions for payment rates that have not kept pace with the cost of living and operational expenses. The strike not only highlights the drivers’ demands for better pay but also underscores the essential role they play in the modern food delivery ecosystem.

As the strike unfolds, the impact on local food delivery services is becoming increasingly apparent, with customers and businesses alike feeling the effects.

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