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Video: Marseille Supporters Embroiled in Scuffle Amidst Transport Delays in Brighton

Hundreds of Olympique de Marseille supporters found themselves embroiled in unexpected chaos near the King and Queen pub in Brighton, just hours before their scheduled match against Brighton & Hove Albion FC at the Amex Stadium.

The afternoon, which began with fans congregating in a festive mood, quickly descended into disarray due to a severe shortage of buses arranged to transport them to the stadium. The lack of sufficient transportation facilities led to mounting frustration among the supporters, culminating in a minor scuffle.

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Eyewitnesses reported that tensions flared amongst the crowd, but the situation was promptly brought under control. Notably, there were no arrests that we are aware of at the location.

The logistical mismanagement significantly impacted the fans’ experience, with approximately two busloads of supporters missing the much-anticipated kick-off. The delay left many fans disheartened, as they had traveled a considerable distance to support their team.

This incident has raised questions about the preparedness and coordination of transport facilities for major sporting events, highlighting the need for better logistical planning to accommodate large groups of traveling fans. The Marseille supporters, known for their passionate support of their team, were visibly upset by the turn of events but remained largely peaceful throughout the ordeal.

Sussex News would just like to add this had nothing to do with the Brighton and Hove buses this was a private charter for the match using a 3rd party.

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