Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Met Police Officer from Sussex Found Guilty of Assault

Sentencing for PC Lathwood is scheduled for June 14.

PC Perry Lathwood, 50, Of Normans Bay East Sussex a Metropolitan Police officer, has been found guilty of assault following a wrongful arrest incident involving a woman accused of bus fare evasion. The ruling was handed down by Deputy Senior District Judge Tan Ikram at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

The incident occurred when Jocelyn Agyemang was dropping her son off at her mother’s house. Police officers, assisting ticket inspectors, approached Ms. Agyemang after she disembarked from a bus, asking her to show proof of payment. In a hurry, Ms. Agyemang suggested the inspector walk with her, but PC Lathwood intervened, grabbing her arm to stop her.

Judge Ikram ruled that Lathwood’s actions were “not necessary” and that he “overreacted.” The judge noted that while Ms. Agyemang was difficult, there were no reasonable grounds to justify her arrest. “The officer made an error of judgment and overreacted. Handcuffing inflamed the situation even further,” he stated.

The judge dismissed Lathwood’s defense that he was acting to protect Ms. Agyemang’s child as “fanciful,” asserting that the officer’s evidence “lacked all credibility.” Consequently, Judge Ikram found Lathwood guilty of assault.

PC Lathwood did not react as the verdict was delivered.

Sentencing for PC Lathwood is scheduled for June 14.

Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist expressed deep concern, stating, “This verdict represents a major setback in our efforts to rebuild trust with Londoners. We extend our sincere apologies to the affected woman and the broader community.”

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