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Three Lifeboats Unite in Foggy Sea Rescue off Eastbourne Coast

Local lifeboat teams demonstrate exceptional skill and coordination in saving lives at sea.

In an early morning operation marked by fog and challenging sea conditions, three lifeboat crews, including Eastbourne RNLI’s RNLB Esme Anderson, responded to a mayday distress call from a motor cruiser 13.5 miles east of Eastbourne.

The incident unfolded at 7:57 am when the cruiser, enshrouded in a fog patch and battered by worsening sea conditions, experienced mechanical failures. The crew aboard the vessel, struggling with seasickness, broadcast a mayday call, prompting an immediate response from the local maritime rescue teams.

Dean, taking charge of Eastbourne Lifeboat for his first operation as Coxswain, swiftly coordinated with Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat and RNLI Rye Harbour Lifeboat to execute the rescue mission. Pett Level’s crew was the first to reach the distressed cruiser, providing initial assistance and ensuring the well-being of the individuals onboard.

Eastbourne’s lifeboat arrived soon after, ensuring the cruiser was securely under tow. The challenging conditions and the vessel’s location prompted Coxswain Dean to make a strategic decision to divert the casualty to Rye Harbour. There, RNLI Rye Harbour Lifeboat took over the tow, guiding the vessel to safety as coastguard teams awaited onshore.

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