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Desperate Search Continues for Dog Trapped in Treacherous Mud at Langstone

In a joint effort, the Selsey Coastguard Team and Portsmouth Coastguard Rescue Team were paged to Langstone at 1:35 pm yesterday following reports of a distressed dog stuck in the treacherous mud.

Upon reaching the scene, they discovered the dog darting anxiously across the mire. Two highly trained Mud Technicians were swiftly deployed to coax the frightened animal back to safety. Their primary objective was to dissuade concerned members of the public from venturing onto the hazardous terrain, potentially jeopardising their own safety.

Regrettably, despite the rescue team’s valiant efforts, the frightened canine managed to elude their grasp, escaping further into the muddy expanse. The dog has now been missing for several days, its plight growing increasingly dire. Coastguards have issued a plea to the public, urging them not to attempt a rescue on their own, as it poses a significant risk of becoming trapped themselves. Startling the dog could cause it to flee even further from safety.

In an attempt to secure the dog’s safe return, traps baited with food have been strategically positioned along the coastline. Coastguards remain hopeful that these measures will help capture the elusive animal.

Officials reiterate the importance of reporting any sightings of the dog promptly, urging individuals not to venture onto the treacherous mud in their rescue attempts. Instead, they should immediately contact emergency services by dialing 999 and requesting assistance from the Coastguard.

Notably, Hampshire Fire and Rescue demonstrated their unwavering support during the operation, offering their assistance by providing water hoses to cleanse the rescue equipment and personnel of the stubborn mud.

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