Sussex Police requests review of sentence in officer assault case

Sussex Police is taking a firm stance against assaults on its officers and emergency workers, emphasizing its commitment to bringing those responsible to justice. In a recent incident that occurred in Brighton, one of the force’s Neighbourhood Policing Sergeants was subjected to a severe assault while on patrol, resulting in multiple facial injuries, including a fractured eye socket and a broken nose.

After an extensive police investigation, a 19-year-old man was charged with causing grievous bodily harm in connection with the assault. He pleaded guilty in court, and the subsequent sentencing imposed a one-year prison term, suspended for two years. Additionally, the offender was ordered to pay compensation to the victim and complete 120 hours of unpaid community work.

Given the severity of the attack, Sussex Police has taken time to evaluate the judicial outcome and has requested a review of the sentence from the Attorney General’s Office. The force aims to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to address the seriousness of the crime and discourage similar incidents in the future.

Throughout this ordeal, the assaulted officer has received unwavering support from Sussex Police and the Police Federation. The force emphasizes its commitment to standing by its officers and underscores the gravity of the impact such assaults have on not only the victims but also their families, friends, and colleagues within the police community.

Chief Constable Jo Shiner strongly condemned any form of violence against officers, stating, “Our dedicated police officers, staff, and volunteers willingly put themselves in harm’s way daily to safeguard the public and create safer towns and communities. They did not join the force to be subjected to assault, insults, or abuse. It is completely unacceptable for any officer to be attacked while carrying out their duties, and it should never be considered as ‘part of the job.’ Assaults on officers are not part of the job.”

Chief Constable Shiner further affirmed that Sussex Police will spare no effort in providing support to its officers and firmly conveying the message that such shocking behavior will not be tolerated. The force is determined to deal with such incidents robustly, sending a resounding message that attacks on emergency workers will face severe consequences.

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