Friday, September 22, 2023
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McDrunk: Motorcyclist’s clumsy crash leads to arrest at Eastbourne drive-through

A motorcyclist’s ill-fated visit to a McDonald’s drive-thru in Eastbourne ended in an arrest when he was witnessed toppling off his bike. The incident took place at the Admiral Retail Park, where Cameron Dixon, the 28-year-old rider, was observed veering onto the pavement.

Alerted by the concerned staff at the fast-food restaurant, Roads Policing Unit Sergeant Chris Ambrose, who happened to be on a break during his night shift, swiftly responded to the scene around 1:30 a.m. on April 25.

Sgt Ambrose approached Dixon, noticing his unsteady state, and promptly administered a roadside breath test. Unfortunately for Dixon, the results were unfavorable as he failed the test, indicating the presence of alcohol in his system.

Following his failed breath test, Dixon was immediately arrested and transported to custody for further assessment. Subsequent examinations revealed a breath alcohol level of 76 microgrammes (mcg) per 100 millilitres (ml), surpassing the legal limit of 35mcg per 100ml.

On May 10, Dixon, residing on Whitley Road, Eastbourne, appeared before the Hastings Magistrates Court, where he admitted to driving with an alcohol level exceeding the prescribed limit.

The court, recognizing the seriousness of the offense, imposed a 17-month driving disqualification on Dixon in order to ensure public safety. In addition, he was fined £346, ordered to pay £85 in costs, and a £138 surcharge.

Reflecting on the case, Sgt Ambrose expressed his concerns about Dixon’s evident lack of stability, making it clear that he was in no condition to operate a motorcycle that night. Sgt Ambrose emphasized the peril Dixon’s actions posed not only to himself but also to other road users.

“The footage shows how unsteady Dixon was. He was in no fit state to be riding his motorcycle that night,” remarked Sgt Ambrose. “He put his own safety, and the safety of other road users, at risk.”

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