Friday, March 31, 2023
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Waste clearance firm named ‘Lord of the Bins’ has been ordered to change its name by Lord of the Rings lawyers

A two-man waste management company in Brighton has been ordered by Middle earth enterprises (lord of the rings franchise) lawyers to change its name after they make ridiculous claims customers could confuse that they were endorsed, by, or affiliated to Lord Of The Rings.

In a letter sent to the owners by law firm Simmons & Simmons, acting for Middle-earth Enterprises, on January 18 they were also told to stop using their slogan ‘One Ring to Remove It All’ and to stop all use of the Lord of the Bins name, including on their website and social media pages by February 1 in order to avoid any formal action being taken. 

Owners  Nick Lockwood and Dan Walker hit back saying “They claim customers could confuse that were endorsed, by or affiliated to Lord Of The Rings…..anyone in their right mind know we’re a completely separate and non-competitive business.

Regardless of what we and our customers think, we now have the prospect of spending thousands of pounds and effort rebranding, to appease a multi-billion pound company.

We will survive this storm and continue providing a great service for our city, whatever our name.

Our last hope is to make enough noise to help them see sense. So please share, repost, contact MEE by email, whatever you can do to help our cause.”

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