Coastguard Defuses Explosive Situation at Medmerry Beach

On May 2nd, 2023, the Selsey Coastguard Team received a page at 13:45 in response to a report of possible ordnance on Medmerry Beach. The reported items were located and a subsequent search of the area led to the discovery of a larger piece.

Upon discovery, photos of the items were taken and shared with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team (E.O.D), following which a safety cordon was established. Once the E.O.D team arrived at the scene, a controlled explosion was safely carried out. However, one of the items was still highly explosive, resulting in a large crater being created in the sand/clay.

The Coastguard would like to remind the public that Medmerry Beach poses many dangers, including the presence of unexploded ordnance. As a result, the beach remains closed to the public.

Ordnance can take many different shapes and sizes and has been known to be highly explosive on this beach in the past. Therefore, individuals are advised not to touch any suspicious objects and to immediately inform the Coastguard by dialing 999.

In the event of seeing anyone at risk or in danger along the coast, beach, or sea, the same number should be called and the Coastguard should be asked for assistance. For emergencies out at sea, on the beach, or along the coast, the number to dial is 999, and the Coastguard should be requested.

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