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VIDEO: 2024 Brighton Festival Begins with a Dream-Themed Children’s Parade

Guest Director Frank Cottrell-Boyce invites you to "Dream Again" at this year’s imaginative parade.

The annual Brighton Children’s Parade, a vibrant celebration of creativity and imagination, marked the grand opening of the renowned Brighton Festival with a burst of colour, costume, and live music. Under the theme “Dream Again,” the parade took spectators on a whimsical journey through the dreamscape of childhood fantasies and aspirations.

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This year’s parade, infused with the visionary touch of Guest Director Frank Cottrell-Boyce, epitomized the essence of dreaming in all its forms. “Good dreams, bad dreams, daydreams, dream teams, sweet dreams…because, as the Monkees sang – we should all be daydream believers,” expressed Cottrell-Boyce, encapsulating the spirit of the event.

Local schools from across Brighton & Hove enthusiastically embraced the theme, delving into the realms of their imaginations to craft captivating displays that reflected their dreams for a brighter future and a better world. Collaborating with artists from Same Sky, teachers, students, and volunteers poured their creative energies into sculpting magnificent structures, choreographing enchanting dance routines, and composing catchy parade chants.

The streets of Brighton came alive as the parade meandered through its thoroughfares, mesmerizing onlookers with its kaleidoscope of colours and infectious energy. From towering sculptures representing lofty aspirations to intricately designed costumes embodying individual dreams, each element of the parade spoke volumes about the power of imagination and the boundless possibilities it holds.

As the procession wound its way through the city, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of live music, it served as a poignant reminder to all present: to dream, to believe, and to strive towards turning those dreams into reality. The Brighton Children’s Parade, with its fusion of creativity and community spirit, once again proved to be a cherished highlight of the Brighton Festival, inspiring both young and old to ‘Dream Again’ and embrace the magic of imagination.

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